dixitque Deus fiat lux
et facta est lux.

Welcome to FiatLux

FiatLux offers services around event technology since 1995.

Although this company's name is FiatLux lighting, it's not just about lights.

If you are looking for production managers, technical directors, or technicians for lighting, rigging, audio or video, you have come to the right place.

We can provide you with …

  • Production Managers,
  • Technical Directors (lighting, sound, rigging, video),
  • Lighting Designers,
  • Sound Designers,
  • FOH Operators (lighting, audio),
  • System technicians (lighting, audio, C1, video)
  • Lighting technicians,
  • Sound technicians,
  • Video technicians,
  • Riggers,
  • Full Service,

or …,
you are planning an event and would like to outsource the process from the idea to realization entirely or partially,

    no matter if you are …
  • staging a concert or festival,
  • building a booth on a fair and you want support for lighting, audio, video and the rigging that comes along with it,
  • holding a shareholder's meeting,
  • going on tour.

Whatever you wish to accomplish …

We can be your partner on your way to a successful event!

To get informed, goto Contact and use the means provided.

God has created light on the very first day. That is hardly surprising, since there was nothing else yet, he (or she/it) could use to spend time on (Not even time itself has been created at this moment) 1 . However, we at FiatLux are evidently much slower than god, thus we have accordingly less time. So, please have a coarse timeframe conception at hand, when addressing requests to us.

But the mother of questions remains:
What does light, when it's dark? 2

1 Creation of time: Is it actually possible to create time at a specific moment in time? Perhaps at this point the tail wags the dog?
2 What does light, when it's dark?: The answer is most likely 42! But we are not sure.

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